Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

The Perfect Date

I felt like a wind-up bird toy, now finally completely unwound.


By the Hairsutras Team

While I am not one for grand gestures, I do like the little things that he does to pamper me. He has a way to make my day, no matter what happens.

So when he asked me to get off work early on Valentine’s Day, it was hard for me to turn it down.

Excitedly, we booked a table at the same restaurant where a common friend had set us up three years ago (simpler times before Tinder!). I remember I’d swiped right on him the minute I got back home that night.

“Please don’t stand me up at dinner tonight,” he joked, balancing his laptop bag and the week’s laundry in his arms at the door.

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Easy for you to say. Your bank won’t be publishing a Valentine Day’s special edition of soppy, romantic articles, will it?”

“No. But we are thinking about ways to plug a Valentine’s insurance policy,” he said with a chuckle.

“Don’t worry. I’ll call you when I am done.”

At work, I tried to muscle through most of my articles, crunching in the letters as fast as I could. But with every unfulfilling thought and sentences that went all over the place, my excitement for the evening was wearing down with my energy.

The further I went into an article, the more it got twisted around. The time kept ticking and there was no option for me but to give in and lose track of it. When I looked up from the screen after finally uploading the articles, a pang went down my chest. I had completely missed our reservation. I checked my phone frantically:

“We haven’t really gotten any time to speak in a month, miss writer. Really looking forward to tonight.”

“Thinking about you. Hope you’ll be able to make it on time.”

“Please answer your phone babe, are we cancelling plans again?”

I scrolled through the last few texts and quickly replied, apologizing to him and telling him that I was too tired to eat out as it is.

On my way back, I tried hard to think about a way to make up to him, but the fatigue took over and all I was left with was a terrible feeling for having let him down. I knew he would be understanding, but I had wanted the evening to be special too, as we had barely spent quality time with each other since months.

As I turned the keys and walked in with heavy feet, he relieved me with the brightest of smiles. He had turned the lights dim and I got a delightful whiff of freshly baked pizza. Helping me into the chair, he poured me a glass of my favourite Shiraz.

After dinner, I was about to apologize for letting him down, but he asked me not to utter another word. He asked me to sit by the sofa with my eyes closed and rushed to the dresser to fetch something.

Before I knew it, I could feel oil being poured onto my head.

The rhythmic touch of his fingertips put all of my worries to ease. I felt like a wind-up bird toy, now finally completely unwound.

He continued to work his way across my scalp onto the neck and shoulders, relieving them on the way.

With every passing moment I became ever so unburdened, until every last stressful thought evaded me. Somehow, he knew exactly what I had wanted after a hectic day.

After the soothing head massage and some chatter about our days, I crawled into his arms and dozed off.

He had managed to make my day once again.

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By the Hairsutras Team

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By the Hairsutras Team


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