Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

Goodbye, greys. Thanks, Ayurveda!

Here's how you can get rid of those premature greys.


By the Hairsutras Team

Once you’ve seen them, there’s no un-seeing them — yes, those telltale greys. And while we’re all for embracing your natural colour, Ayurveda does have a few tricks to help curb the greying and save you from hitting the hair dye bottle.

“My maa went grey so late, why did I start early?”
Premature greying is found in an increasing number of women still in the prime of their youth. Our stressful lifestyle, imbalanced diet, and lack of proper hair care are some of the factors leading to this trend. Dr. Shubhakari P. Rao, of Shubha Avyurvedic Centre seconds this. She says, “Hair issues are the result of three main blockages — spiritual, material or energy. An excess of Pitta, or heat, increases greying. The fire element in the body is imbalanced and it evaporates from the top of the head which makes the follicles weak and causes greying or hair fall.”. 

“How can I help slow this down?”
The Charaka Samhita, an ancient Sanskrit text of Ayurveda, shares a recipe to stop premature greying that includes among its many other ingredients, the juice of Bhringraj, a decoction of Triphala, powdered Indigo leaves, Amla and more all cooked, pasted together and stored in an iron pitcher. If this sounds complicated, Dr. Shubhakari P. Rao, of Shubha Avyurvedic Centrehas more tips for you: 

Oil Helps!
Oiling helps prevent greying, by increasing melanin production in hair follicles. And leaves you with a cheerful glow, sound sleep and happiness. 

Eat Raw
Eat a few leaves of tulsi, a bitter herb, every morning. Tulsi cleanses the blood and reduces excess Pitta, which in turn helps arrest early greying and balding.

Bring on the Bhringraj
Bhringraj oil or powder is a popular natural ingredient to give colour to hair, and also to reduce oxidation. Use the hair oil for a massage, or take the powder and mix it with water or amla juice and use it as a hair pack to extract its benefits.

Seed Therapy!
Dried mango seeds are another excellent in preventing greying hair. Dry the seeds, powder them and mix them in with your regular hair pack. Alternatively, you could also make a hair wash that uses the dried and powdered mango seeds, powdered reetha, shikhakhai, amla and yashtimadhu (licorice).


Ayurveda treats the nose as the gateway to the brain, eyes, ears, and last but not least, hair. So it prescribes Nasya, a Panchkarma technique, where one starts the day by inhaling few drops of oil through the nose to purify the blood flow over the face and scalp, and keep premature greying at bay.

You tilt your head backwards, and use a dropper to drop 6-7 drops of lightly warmed oil (usually coconut or sesame) into each nostril. Inhale sharply through each nostril, and you’re done. If it happens to go to the back of your throat, just collect it in the mouth, and spit it out. Gargle with warm water to finish up. You could also use the juice of crushed bhringraj leaves or neem oil, that are extremely beneficial for reducing oxidation of the hair and rejuvenating the locks. If using store bought oil, double boil it to get rid of excess water content.

So say goodbye to greys. You don’t need your own 50 shades, after all.

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  • Greying is a natural process, and at most times – unavoidable.
  • Ayurveda offers natural and effective remedies for greying hair.
  • Oiling hair regularly, eating right, and practicing Ayurvedic techniques can help slow the process down.

By the Hairsutras Team

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By the Hairsutras Team


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