Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

Timeless secrets to gorgeous hair. Rediscovered.

Your Morning Hair Routine

Practice makes for perfect hair


By the Hairsutras Team

It’s all fairly simple, if you think about it. Beauty is skin-deep. The radiating glow of your skin comes from well rested minds and well-fed tummies. Same goes for your hair.

This integrated approach to beauty (and medicine) that Ayurveda propagates, is something that you already know. How do you put it into practice? One word. Routine. Healthy, happy hair is easily achievable by adopting little things into your day. We’ve got a list of ‘healthy hair habits’ that you can adopt to achieve that silky-softness, or combat your hair battles, the pure way.

The night before

Soak a few Almonds to eat in the morning. Almonds are high on magnesium- an essential for healthy strands, delay of greying, and healthy hair growth.

Start with some Tulsi in the morning.

A few leaves of Tulsi, as is, or in your fruit smoothie will help cleanse the blood and reduce it from excess Pitta, or heat. (Read more about your Dosha, here) .This arrests early greying and balding, and encourages lustrous and healthy hair.

An Amla a day…

      …keeps the hair fall at bay. When eaten either raw or dried, When consumed, it retards the oxidation process that leads to pre-mature greying. It helps with pre-mature greying. According to Ayurveda Amla is , “The best drug to maintain the youth of an individual”.  

Before your bath…    

Sit comfortably on a chair, bend your head backwards, and use a dropper to drop 3-4 drops of coconut, mustard or sesame oil into each nostril. Inhale sharply through each nostril, and you’re done. (If it happens to go to the back of your throat, just collect it in the mouth, spit it out, and gargle).

Wondering how this helps your hair? Well, Ayurveda treats the nose as the gateway to the brain, eyes, ears, and hair. Called Nasya Karma, this detoxification process purifies the blood flow over the face and scalp, and makes way for healthy, beautiful hair.

You can pick the oil, depending on your Dosha. If using store-bought coconut oil, double boil to get rid of excess water content. Otherwise, heat the oil a little and add Bhringraj for special benefits to hair. You can crush this herb in a mortar pestle and add the liquid extract to the oil. Neem oil can also be added.

Indulge in Mukha Abhyanga, a deeply relaxing morning ritual.

Your face is full of ‘Marma’ points. These are vital points in the body where two types of tissue meet. Ayurveda considers these points of ‘prana’ or breath. There are 12 Marma points on your face, and massaging these with coconut or sesame oil, for 5-10 minutes helps reduce oxidation and increases circulation. The oil penetrates into skin and is absorbed into blood stream. This helps not just your hair, but gives you an added bonus of glowing skin and overall well-being.

Follow this with a steam to open up your pores and sweat glands to induce circulation. This is a purification process called ‘Nadi Sweda.’


After your bath

Make a habit of combing your hair. The out-of-bed look may bode you for one season, but in the long run, there’s nothing like the regular 100 strokes. Combing goes a long way in loosening up dust, lice and dirt, promoting blood circulation, and therefore, a healthy scalp. A wooden comb will take it one step further.

Make these hair-healthy habits your own, and you’ll see a remarkable change in 2 weeks! Write to us at secrets@hairsutras.com and tell us about your experience!

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By the Hairsutras Team

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By the Hairsutras Team


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